On the company

Stroitelna mehanizacia AD is a joint stock company registered by the law-court of Plovdiv relating to firm case 5469/98 with firm registration address Plovdiv, Bratia Buckstoun Str. 155.

As a right-holder and an independent enterprise -UMS- Plovdiv is established on 01.08.1961 with the permission of The Ministry of Constructions...

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Constructed entities of a national account

Throughout its 42 years of existence Construction Mechanization Plovdiv ---- has worked on very important for the economy of Bulgaria objects reservoirs, factories, gas-pipes, recultivation, etc. :
   - building the reservoirs Dospad, Anton Ivanovci-Krichim, Chernogorovo, etc.
   - factories Kremikovci, Devnia, Bourgas, Ihtiman, Trakia, Rakovski, etc.
   - transit gas-pipe for Greece, Turkey, Macedonia;
   - auto-highway Trakia and the repair jobs and buildings of other roads in Bulgaria; Entire text

Over projects in 2006 year

Throughout last year engagements include:

Rodopi Career Plovdiv (excavator works, automobiles, etc.);
Sofia Airport;
Haidushki Polqni wood road;
shore-consolidation Dunav (between Vatin Isle and Vardim Isle);
Road equipment assembly Cankov Kamak reservoir;
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